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Current Projects

  Project Name   Project status
  Project responsible

2015 EFRAG Proactive Agenda Consultation
Draft Comment Letter Filippo Poli
EFRAG Short Discussion Series - The Equity Method: A measurement basis or one-line consolidation?
Discussion Paper Isabel Batista
Proactive - Goodwill impairment and amortisation
Discussion Paper Filippo Poli
Proactive - Use of Financial Statements
Seed Rasmus Sommer
The Statement of Cash Flows: issues for Financial Institutions
Discussion Paper Filippo Poli

Completed/Past Agenda Projects

  Project Name   Project status
  Project responsible
EFRAG European Outreach on Proactive Discussion Papers 'Improving Financial reporting of Income Tax' project and on 'Accounting for Business Combination Under Common Control' Project
Seed Giorgio Alessio Acunzo
EFRAG Short Discussion Series - Levies: what would have to be changed in IFRS for a different accounting outcome?
Discussion Paper David Martin Garcia
EFRAG Short Discussion Series - Presentation of reversal of acquisition step-ups
Discussion Paper Filippo Poli
EFRAG/ANC staff paper on the definition of an asset
Final Comment Letter Rasmus Sommer
PAAinE - Conceptual framework
Discussion Paper Sigvard Heurlin
PAAinE - Equity/Liability
Discussion Paper Paul Ebling
PAAinE - Pensions
Discussion Paper Jeff Waldier
PAAinE - Performance Reporting - March 2009
Discussion Paper Irina Ipatova
PAAinE - Performance Reporting November 2006
Discussion Paper Paul Ebling
PAAinE - Revenue Recognition
Discussion Paper Paul Ebling
PAAinE - Stewardship
Discussion Paper Sigvard Heurlin
Proactive - A Disclosure Framework for the notes to the financial statements
Discussion Paper Filippo Poli
Proactive - Business Combinations under Common Control
Discussion Paper Filippo Poli
Proactive - Classification of Claims
Discussion Paper Benjamin Reilly
Proactive - Considering the Effects of Accounting Standards
Discussion Paper Apostolena Theodosiou
Proactive - Consultation on proactive work
Discussion Paper Mario Abela
Proactive - Financial Reporting for Corporate Income Taxes
Discussion Paper Isabel Batista
Proactive - Separate Financial Statements prepared under IFRS
Discussion Paper Filipe Camilo Alves
Proactive - The Role of the Business Model in Financial Statements
Discussion Paper Ralitza Ilieva

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